When it comes to respect and longevity within the Australian Hip Hop cutlure, SPICE is a name that will always be mentioned.


Also referred to as the BANDIT QUEEN she has stamped her name on every element and continues to build upon her projects with knowledge that stems from her history as a bgirl, mc, graffiti  writer, artist, youth worker, mother and mentor.


Branch leader of the UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION (a positivity through HipHop movement) +61 Sydney Chapter, the only Australian member of the world renowned  all female graffiti crew, the STICK UP GIRLZ and several titles under her belt...

Spice was...

Australias 1st female mc to be pressed to vinyl.

The 1st Australian MC to have a track added to the soundtrack of a movie.

One of the 1st to support an International Mc on an Australian Tour. (Ice T-1989)

Immortalized in the Powerhouse Museums 'Back to the 80s' exhibition alongside icons such as INXS, Michael Jackson, Split Enz etc..

Helped establish legal walls throughout Western Sydney.

Pioneered as an Outreach Through Art teacher..

A writer for Hell Yeah Magazine.

Host of her own radio show 'SheRock' on 2SER fm,


and continues to be a driving force with her on going passion, event coordinating, guest speaking, workshop facilitating, and mentor of her own initiative, the GRAF-FIX program,...and of course, her artwork.